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About BAD

About BAD

Our history

Created in 1991 by Formouzèrè Adama Zala, current CEO, and his wife Haoua Zala, the ADB has completed several projects in all regions of Burkina Faso and in the sub-region.

Thanks to its expertise, the BAD was the winner of several architectural competitions.

Now BAD Sarl, we continue to offer our clients quality services with a new dynamic.

Our mission

To reach the largest public for the realization of a pleasant living and working environment and to help each one to carry out his dream project according to his means.

Our vision

To be able to work according to the biblical convictions and to show that it is possible to put them into practice and to succeed according to the ordinances of the book of Grace.

Our value

To work with integrity while respecting human and moral values.

Our methodology

Our methodology

Architectural program

A first meeting will allow us to better understand your needs. We will then be able to propose an architectural program, which is nothing more than a list of the different rooms and spaces in your building, along with information such as surface areas, design, etc.


Once the architectural program is established, we proceed to the architectural design phase. It consists of the elaboration of construction plans and other technical materials. By using modern design and illustration tools such as photo-realistic images and 3D animations, we allow you to take a "virtual trip" into your future building.

Architectural study

We elaborate the different documents necessary to obtain the building permit. In addition, we also accompany you in the choice of the construction company.

Follow-up and control of the building site

Once the construction phase has started, we offer you a meticulous follow-up and control of your building site until its delivery, by ensuring a good quality-price ratio and the respect of the building site planning. The follow-up is done in a regular way with the elaboration of weekly and monthly reports.

Provisional acceptance of works

When the work is finished, we proceed to a technical acceptance of the building, at the end of which, a provisional acceptance of the building is organized with the owner (the customer).

Provisional acceptance of the works

The company that carried out the work should ensure that no damage has occurred during the warranty period, otherwise it must correct any damage before the final acceptance is pronounced.

BAD the genesis

BAD the genesis
History of BAD

Creation of the architecture and design office (b.a.d) by its current managing director, Formouzèrè Adama Zala and his wife Haoua Zala.

Preliminary construction project
Preliminary design of the national school of public health in Ouagadougou, Bobo, Fada, Ouahigouya and Koudougou
Rehabilitation of districts
Rehabilitation of eight health districts in Ouagadougou
  • Winner of the architectural competition for the construction of the Sonabel headquarters (project not realized)
  • Refurbishment and construction of radiology at the hospital of Tenkodogo
  • aziz residence in ouaga r+3
  • Rehabilitation of the Yalgado Ouedraogo hospital r+2
  • Rehabilitation and construction of the operating room in Kaya
  • repair and fitting out of the Koudougou hospital
  • infirmary of the presidency of Faso (fence, radiology)
  • provincial health department in Koupéla
  • realization of the Palm-Beach hotel, building r+2 on Kwame N'Kruma
  • Headquarters of the permanent secretariat for the fight against AIDS
  • Headquarters of the Christian Alliance Church
  • Headquarters of the international production project company (PPI)
  • Central market of Banfora
  • Nassa building
  • development and construction of 65 medical centers in more than 40 villages and communes in Burkina Fasofrom 1996 to 1998
  • ctraining center at etsher
  • Sonabel's headquarters in cité an iv
  • Palm Beach 2 hotel on avenue Kwame N'Kruma,Ouagadougou
  • realization of the CREPA headquarters
  • winner of the architectural competition for the construction of thenational laboratory of public health (lnsp)
  • Aziz residence in Bobo R+2
  • sonapharm headquarters
Winner of the architectural competition
  • winner of the architectural competition for the construction of headquarters of the amvs
  • winner of the competition for the construction of the the military hospital in Bamako
  • gendarmerie headquarters, R+2 building
  • construction of a language laboratory for the Ministry of Defense
  • first phase of the extension of the national laboratory of public health (lnsp)
  • construction of a storehouse of inflammable products for the for the Ministry of Health
  • complete architectural mission for the construction of a scientific research and training center in Moutori, Dano
  • headquarters of the hydrocarbon company ELF in Ouagadougou
  • construction of the building for the documentation and documentation and information center (cdi) of the Lycée Saint-Exupéry
  • réfection et réhabilitation des bâtiments du projet d'appui aux districts sanitaires et aux directions régionales de la santé (pads)
  • second phase of the lnsp extension
  • restructuring, extension and construction work at the Lycée Saint-Exupéry
  • construction and rehabilitation project of the equipment of forestry posts in the park-w
Winner of the architectural competition
  • winner of the architectural competition for the construction of an African Institute of Water and Environmental and Environment Engineering (2007)
  • construction of the headquarters of the national gendarmerie national Gendarmerie, R+3 building
  • extension of the headquarters of the Economic and Social Social Council (c.e.s)
Winner of the architectural competition
  • winner of the architectural competition for the construction of administrative buildings in the commercial and administrative and administrative activities (ZACA)
  • construction of the day hospital at the University Hospital University Hospital Center Yalgado Ouédraogo
  • development work at the C.E.S.
  • construction of the El-Shilo school complex in Ouagadougou
  • construction of the multipurpose laboratory for the lnsp in Ouagadougou
Double winner of the architectural competition
  • Double winner of the architectural competitions for the construction of large administrative buildings regrouping the deconcentrated structures of the state in the central east and central south regions
  • construction of accommodation and socio-cultural facilities for the 2nd district in Kamboinsé
  • project management contract for the extension of the building gwp/wa building for the crepa headquarters
  • construction project of a hospitalization pavilion at the polyclinic Notre Dame de la Paix
Dreyer Foundation
complete mission of architecture and follow-up of construction of a villa and a kindergarten in Moutori school in Moutori for the German German Dreyer Foundation
  • construction of the new chancellery of the Federal Republic of Germany
  • construction of the state administrative hotels in the in the commercial and administrative zone of the zaca, 3 buildings R+5
  • construction of a rice mill, kitchen and canteen for the Dreyer Fondation
  • construction of regional vocational training centers (crfp) (crfp) anpe on behalf of the program for the reinforcement of for the reinforcement of vocational training ( prfp) and the Taiwanese cooperation
  • construction of a tomato and mango concentrate production plant tomato and mango concentrate for stfl
  • cconstruction of a maternity hospital in Sabou
  • rehabilitation of the conference room of the Economic and Social Council C.E.S
  • architectural and technical studies for the construction of a quality laboratory at the irss for the ministry of scientific research and innovation
  • construction of a church for the chapel of the winners in Nagrin: 3000 places
  • construction of administrative hotels in Manga
  • control and monitoring of the rehabilitation of the railway station in Ouagadougou
  • control and follow-up of the construction of the building that will house the OAPI intellectual property documentation center documentation center in Ouagadougou
  • construction of administrative hotels in the regions of East in Tenkodogo
Construction supervision
  • complete mission of architecture and monitoring of various construction works for the giz project in Bobo Dioulasso and Ouagadougou
  • marchitectural mission, elaboration of the dao and monitoring of the rehabilitation of a hangar into an office for the for the green innovation center (pro civ)
Follow-up of construction works
  • complete mission of architecture and follow-up of the works of construction of the multipurpose agricultural center of Matourkou (capm) for giz
  • construction of a building R+3 for the Christian alliance
  • construction of a duplex R+1 on behalf of Ouédraogo Moumouni in Ouaga 2000
  • cconstruction of a duplex R+2 for the account of the family Barro in Ouaga 2000
  • cconstruction of a building R+4 for the account of Mrs Nacro Riphard C. Rosette
  • construction of a villa R+1 for Mrs. Kagni in Ouaga 2000 in Ouaga 2000
  • construction of a hospitalization building for the Larry Ebert clinic in Wayalghin, Ouagadougou
  • cconstruction of a building R+1 extensible in R+3 for for the Ouagadougou Higher School of Public Works
  • construction of a church of 1000 places for the for CIE-Ouaga Inter
  • construction of the World Bank headquarters in Ouagadougou on behalf of the World Bank
  • construction of churches with variable number of places for the account of compassion international Burkina Faso
  • Construction of the Evangelical Protestant church of 2000 places in Bouroum Bouroum for the account of CIE/ MIA
  • construction of the Bethel Church of the Holy Spirit with 1400 seats in Ouagadougou
  • construction of a duplex R+1 on behalf of Mrs. Salimata Dubreuil
BAD Sarl
The BAD becomes BAD Sarl, and continues to carry out quality projects in Burkina Faso and beyond our borders

Our team

Our team